Remarkable 3 Wish List from the Community

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May 14, 2024
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Nearly 4 years since the release of RM2, there's much speculation if we'll hear news of the much anticipated Remarkable 3 later this year.

I was curious to find out what real fans wanted to see on the next release, so I popped on a couple of forums to ask.

And the response was overwhelming! (if you’ve responded to my original post, thank you).

So, here is the Remarkable 3 Wish List as requested by the community:

Better Performance and Faster Response

This was probably the most common request.

Many users want snappier performance, less lag when writing, and faster page turns and loading times.

As one user put it, "It needs to feel as seamless as writing on actual paper."

Although it would be great to have a e-ink tablet that’s as quick as your phone. In reality, it’s difficult due to e-ink refresh rates and the faster processing impacts on battery life.

But I’m sure we’ll see an improvement.

Higher Resolution Screen

While the current 226 DPI resolution is nice, most users are hungry for a crisper, higher res display.

A sharper 300 DPI screen (which is available on some Boox devices) was a popular target to improve readability.

Front Light for Low-Light Reading

I know this can be a contentious topic of debate among Remarkable owners.

However, a front light to allow for easy reading in dimmer conditions without compromising the paper-like writing experience was a heavily requested feature.

Superior contrast and a whiter background were also mentioned.

Improved File Management and Cloud Integration

Better options for organizing files, notebooks, and documents were popular among fans.

Even the ability to customise the writing toolbar, along with smoother cloud sync capabilities with services like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Longer Battery Life and User-Replaceable Battery

Some urged ReMarkable to extend the battery life even further, while others wanted an easy way to swap out the battery themselves down the road for longevity.

Expanded Stylus Capabilities

Customizable brushes, shapes, colours, and stylus buttons were popular requests to unlock more artistic and organizational use cases.

There were plenty of other ideas too:

  • Larger screen option
  • Handwriting search
  • Continued OS refinements
  • Color e-ink display.

Smaller Remarkable and Ebook Store?

One suggestion that really caught my eye was a smaller 7” device for reading ebooks, with the possibility of an online store.

This would certainly provide more revenue for Remarkable, but is this a market they want to enter, with the likes of Amazon and Kobo? It would be great to have Remarkable enter the ebook market and hopefully keep prices competitive.

If there’s anything you’d like to mention that we haven’t covered, please leave them in the comments below, I make a concerted effort to respond to each one.

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Marino di Todaro
Marino di Todaro
6 days ago

I would like to use remarkable desktop in landscape mode while I use it only in landscape mode.

2 days ago

One thing I'd love to see is a bit more "intelligence". Would be great, if you could mark a date on a page or a bullet/list
a) As a deadline with the connected content and
b) To have an "auto-page", that lists these per Notebook or as a complete list sorted by date
c) Displaying the tags there would be nice

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