Why Kindle Unlimited is the Perfect Gift for Bookworms

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December 11, 2021
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Sometimes it can be really difficult to decide what to get family or loved ones for birthdays and other special occasions.

So, this year I’ve decided to gift Kindle Unlimited. If your partner or parents love to read it may be the perfect gift and could save you hours trying to find a book they may like.

Instead, why not give them “all the books” 😊

Kindle Unlimited Perks

So, what are the benefits of Kindle Unlimited?

  1. Unlimited Reading on over a million titles. ♾️
  2. Explore selected magazine subscriptions. 📖
  3. Access on multiple devices.

In case you didn’t know.

Prime Members can enjoy Kindle Unlimited free for 3 months. So why not give it a try before gifting it to someone else.

Can you give Kindle Unlimited as a Gift?

You can gift Kindle Unlimited to anyone. It’s easy to order and you will receive an email with the gift enclosed. If you prefer Amazon has a choice of delivery options including sending out a gift card that the recipient can add to their Kindle account.

How to gift Kindle Unlimited

In this section we will go through a simple step-by-step guide on how to gift Kindle Unlimited to someone you love.

If you prefer, we have a video tutorial which will guide you through the process. It’s relatively straight forward but if you have any issues, please mention them in the comments section below and I’ll do my best to help out.

  1. Go to the Kindle Unlimited Gift landing page.
  2. Log into your Amazon Account
  3. Select the membership duration (6, 12 or 24 months)
  1. On the Gift Options Page check the “Give Kindle Unlimited as a gift” box.
  2. Enter the email address of the person receiving the gift.
  3. Enter the date when you want the gift to be sent.
  4. Finally, you can include a note to personalize your gift.
  1. Make sure you click on the Save Gift Options box at the top right-hand corner and continue to Payment.
  2. Confirm your payment details are correct and hit the Buy Now button.
  3. You should now see the Order Complete page with a transaction ID. You should also receive an email from Amazon confirming the transaction for you to keep as record.

How to use a Kindle Unlimited Gift

If you are recipient of a Kindle Unlimited gift via email, it’s really straight-forward to use the ecard and add the membership to your account.

1. Simply open the Amazon email and select the “Redeem your Kindle Unlimited Membership” yellow button just below the image.

Just be sure to check the email is genuine by messaging your friend first.

2. You now have the choice to select either Kindle Unlimited subscription, or you can exchange this for an Amazon gift card if you prefer something else.

Amazon implies that you can only exchange Kindle Unlimited Gift for a gift card if you are already a Kindle Unlimited member. But having tried this myself, without being a Unlimited member, I can assure you that you can do this successfully.

Do you know? 💡
It is important to remember that all Amazon gift cards do not come with an expiry date. So even if you have still not used the gift card within 12 months, the ecard is still valid or can be exchanged for an Amazon e-voucher/gift card.

Kindle Unlimited Gift to Students

Students are constantly reading text and academic books for their studies. Some of these books can cost $100+ and in some cases may only be required for one semester (I’ll admit I have at least several books on my shelf collecting dust).

What if you gave them a 12-month Kindle Unlimited gift instead of giving them money to pay for textbooks?

Here are just some of the benefits of doing this:

1. Take all your textbooks to class

Some academic books can have 600+ pages and weigh over half a pound. Imagine carrying four of these in a backpack each day while going from once class to another.

And not all classes are within the same campus I can tell you!

Instead, every textbook you own with every note and highlight made, is available on one light conveniently accessible ereader.

2. Students get 20% Discount

Want your money to go further?

Students by default get an extra discount on Kindle Unlimited. They get a further 20% and 3 months free.

So why not give them an Amazon Gift Card and let them purchase Kindle Unlimited using their own Amazon account. That way you can save some money, or they can upgrade from a 6-month to a 12-month subscription.

Kindle Unlimited FAQ

Can you use Kindle Unlimited on Multiple devices?

Kindle Unlimited can be accessed on multiple devices and apps. You can access on multiple devices at the same time. Amazon does not appear to have an issue with devices in different geographical locations so you may be able to access different devices in different zip codes.

Can I pay for Kindle Unlimited with a gift card?

You can pay part or the full amount using an Amazon gift card. Gift cards are added at the end during the payment process, before you confirm the transaction. The amount on the gift card will be deducted from the total amount leaving you with any remaining amount to pay by debit/credit card.

Can you share Kindle books with family members?

You can share any Kindle book you have purchased with a family member. To do this, you need to access content manager within your Amazon account, select Family Library link and select the ebook you want to lend out.

• You can gift Kindle Unlimited to anyone.
• Kindle Unlimited can be used on multiple devices.
• Students can get a further discount so it may be worth giving them an Amazon gift card instead.
• New customers can get a Kindle Unlimited Free for 3 months (need to cancel before the end of the 3 month trail, otherwise you will be charged).
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