Kindle Trade In – Is it REALLY a Good Deal?

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December 11, 2021
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With last week’s release of the all-new Kindle Paperwhite 11th Gen, you may be thinking to yourself.

“Maybe I should trade my old Paperwhite for a new one?”

For years Amazon have been enticing customers to trade in their old Kindle device by offering to purchase their old one as well as give them a discount on a new one.

But some of the latest Kindle Trade In valuations were surprising.

However, there are times when using Kindle Trade In makes perfect sense, and later I’ll show you how to get an impressive $49 saving, even if you do not own a Kindle device.

Kindle Trade In – What’s on Offer

Trade-in your old Kindle device and in return Amazon will send you a gift card to the value of the agreed trade-in price. To find out how much you can receive from your old Kindle, check out our trade-in table further down.

Delivery is free to send you old device to Amazon and generally it takes a couple of days to process.

In addition, you will also receive a 20% discount when you purchase any new Kindle ereader. The discount is automatically applied to your account and will be displayed at the checkout.

This can be quite a saving on the new Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Oasis.

Here’s how much you can save:

 Regular Retail Price (RRP)Discount Price  Saving
All New Kindle Paperwhite (2021)$159.99$127.99$32
All New Kindle Paperwhite Signature (2021)$189.99$151.99  $38
Kindle Oasis (2019)$269.99$215.99$54

When the Numbers Don’t Add Up

The table below shows you the trade in value of every previous generation of Kindle Basic, Paperwhite and Oasis.

Next to that is an approximate value* if you were to sell the item on a marketplace such as Ebay. I’ve taken fees and postage into consideration.

TypeModelYearAmazon Trade In
Kindle Keyboard (1st Gen)D006112007$5.00
Kindle Keyboard (2nd Gen)D007012009$5.00
Kindle Keyboard DXD008012010$5.00
Kindle Keyboard (3rd Gen)D009012010$5.00
Kindle (4th Gen)D012002011$5.00
Kindle Touch (4th Gen)D011002011$15.00
Kindle (5th Gen)D011002012$15.00
Kindle (7th Gen)WP63GW2014$10.00
Kindle (8th Gen)SY69JL2016$15.00
Kindle (10th Gen)J9G29R2019$20.00
Kindle Paperwhite (5th Gen)EY212012$5.00
Kindle Paperwhite (6th Gen)DP75SDI2013$5.00
Kindle Paperwhite (7th Gen)DP75SDI2015$5.00
Kindle Paperwhite (10th Gen)PQ94WIF2018$30.00
Kindle Voyage (7th Gen)NM460GZ2014$10.00
Kindle Oasis (8th Gen)SW56RW2016$60.00
Kindle Oasis (9th Gen)CW24WI2017$75.00
*Prices are correct at the time of writing 30/10/2021. For a more up to date valuation, check out Kindle Trade In page.

Ebay valuations are based on an average price of five devices on the same generation sold at auction.

How to Trade In your Kindle Ereader

The first thing you need to do is head over to the Kindle Trade-In page.

Scroll down to the list of Kindle models and select which Kindle device you own. If you are not sure which Kindle device and generation you happen to own, check that the model number on your device matches one on the list and select that device.

Be Careful of Adjusted Value

You will now be asked about the condition of your device. This is necessary so Amazon can value the device correctly.

Sellers need to be honest as the device will be sent back and reviewed by Amazons Trade-In team who may mark-down the value of the device, once they receive the ereader.

Now that you have answered the two questions on the condition of your device correctly, Amazon will give you a monetary value for the device.

You are also given the option whether to accept any marked down value if the device condition you gave is incorrect, or to return it back to you for free.

Once you have made your selection, hit the Review your Trade-in button to continue.

Finally, select the returns address (should they need to send it back) and select the Submit Trade-In button to complete the transaction.

Just be sure to return your Kindle device using the free shipping label provided by Amazon to receive you Gift card and 20% discount.

Find an old Kindle to get 20% off

Of course, the financial savvy of you out there may have noticed a small arbitrage you could make by finding an older 1st or 2nd generation Kindle, to get the 20% discount.

If you happen to purchase one online for, say $10 and you were looking to buy a Kindle Oasis you would save an impressive $49 in the process.


$54        (20% discount)

-$10       (cost of the older device)

+$5        (Amazon trade-in on old device)

= $49

Kindle Trade In -FAQ

How much will I receive from a Kindle Paperwhite Trade In?

$5 for 5th to 7th generation Kindle Paperwhite’s and $30 for the 10th generation (2018) Paperwhite. These are correct at the time of writing and will change.

Should I trade in my Kindle Oasis?

Personally, I would sell any recent Oasis devices independently on an auction site such as Ebay. As it is likely you will receive 40% more by selling it yourself, even with fees and postage taken into consideration.


Some of Amazon’s trade-in valuations are well below online auction prices.

If you own a more recent 2–3 year-old device, you may want to sell yours first through an auction site.

There is value in trading in your older device just for the 20% discount on a new one.

Let me know if you’ve taken advantage of Amazon’s Trade-In in the comments below and what you thought of the process.

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2 years ago

I bought a kindle and got the 20% discount for trading in my old one. But now I can't find my old one to return it. Do you know if they'll revoke my 20% discount unless I buy a used kindle and send that in?

2 years ago

Why isn't the Kindle 7 (9th gen - 2019) on the list of acceptable trades?

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