Kindle Orange Light Explained – [Essential Guide!]

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May 22, 2022
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All Kindle devices have several indicators to help users understand their device and troubleshoot any issues.

Here, I’ll answer what the Kindle orange light means on your device and troubleshoot some of the most common problems, when things don’t go according to plan.

What does the Orange Light Mean on Kindle

The purpose of the orange light is to indicate that the device is on charge. A solid orange light tells the user that the Kindle is connected and charging the battery. Charging can take anywhere up to 3 hours depending on how much charge you have left.

When the battery is fully charged, the orange light will change to green.

The battery icon at the top right of the screen should also have a bolt symbol within the icon, to acknowledge the battery is being charged.

Kindle Orange light goes off on Charge

If at any point your Kindle orange light goes off and the device is not fully charged, it means that there is a fault with the ereader.

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered!  Here are five probable reasons why your Kindle orange light turns off.  

1. USB Cable not connected

If the plug does not mate correctly into the socket of the device, it will not charge. This can easily be done, but sometimes debris within the socket can obstruct and get in the way of mating.

Hopefully this just needs firmly re-inserting, but if there is an obstruction the best solution is to replace the cable.

2. Fault with the USB cable.

With all the bending and flexing that USB cables endure, it’s a wonder they last so long!

However, when they do break it can be a challenge identifying whether it’s the cable or something else.

"The quickest solution is to replace it with a known working spare cable that you may have."
If you have a spare, use this to check if the cable is the culprit.

If that’s not an option, the alternative it to verify the integrity of the suspect cable. One way to do this is to connect the Kindle to a PC or laptop. If the computer identifies your Kindle and you can see the orange light, you can be assured that it’s not the USB cable at fault.

3. Kindle has crashed and needs a reboot.

To resolve this, press and hold the Power button for +30 seconds, this will reboot the Kindle operating system.

A reboot will usually take 2 minutes. You should see the Kindle logo during a reset, indicating the Kindle is starting up. Once complete, it should return you back to the Home screen.

If you see the Kindle logo you're doing well 😊

4. Fault with the battery.

It’s rare, but over time batteries can fail to the point where they no longer hold charge. Modern batteries send data to the CPU on its health, so if the orange light is not present or is flashing it may indicate something fatal with the battery.

I would suggest you speak to Amazon as to whether they can replace or repair the device.

5. Mains Charger not plugged in correctly.

It happens to the best of us!

Sometimes the charger plug is not quite firmly connected to the mains and so it may work initially, but the mains socket contracts may push it out over time to the extent that it’s no longer mating the charger.

Simply (and firmly) push the plug into the mains socket and it should start charging with the orange light on.

Kindle Orange Light FAQ:

Kindle Flashing Green and Orange

This generally indicates a bad battery.

In this instance, I would recommend you contact Amazon. If you are within the 12 months warranty, they will replace the device at no cost. If you are outside of warranty, they may be able to either replace the battery or offer you a new one at a discount.

Know that as a consumer you are protected under the Sales of Goods act 2015. This states that a product must serve its purpose and be usable within a reasonable timeframe.

Kindle Orange Light on but Won’t turn On

This implies that the battery is below its operating voltage. As a result, you will have to leave this on charge for much longer than normal.

"I would suggest leaving it on charge for an hour and then check to see if the display comes on, or whether you can power the device."

It may be that the Kindle will need leaving for approx. 3-4 hours before it is fully charged.

Kindle Green Light

Indicates the battery is fully charge and the device can be unplugged and used.

The Kindle green light confirms that the battery has reached the maximum battery voltage and charging is complete. If the device remains connected to the charger, the Kindle will top-up the battery at a much lower charge rate.

How do I know if my Kindle is Charging?

An orange light next to the micro-USB socket will indicate that the Kindle device is charging. The battery icon on the E-ink display should also have a bolt within the icon to confirm that the battery is charging.

Kindle Orange Light with Exclamation Mark

This means that the battery is critically low and needs recharging.

At such a low battery voltage, the Kindle will charge at a much lower rate, also known as “trickle charge”. This helps preserve the battery cells while returning the battery voltage to a nominal level.

Once the battery reaches a normal voltage level the exclamation mark should disappear, and you can now use your Kindle.

Trickle charging can take up to an hour, so it may take anywhere up to 3-5 hours to fully charge your Kindle from a near flat battery.

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Cathy Tubb
Cathy Tubb
1 year ago

I have an exclamation point on my screen. I plugged in my 6 month old Kindle but charging light does not turn on. I ordered a new cable and plug. Still nothing but screen with exclamation point. When I push the button and hold it down I get a green light, then green blinks twice the orange light appears and. Links 5 times then it repeats but screen is still won’t reboot. What next?

Susan Reinhardt
Susan Reinhardt
1 year ago

My Kindle Paperwhite hasn't been used in a while. I charged it today for several hours. The light finally turned green. However, when I tried to turn the Kindle on, I got a flashing amber light. Can you help me?

Susan Reinhardt
Susan Reinhardt
1 year ago
Reply to  Debra

Hi - I'm not getting any display. My Kindle Paperwhite is quite old. Thank you for the advice. I'll contact Amazon.

1 year ago

When plugged to my computer the orange light flashes three times and then disconnects from my computer. Orange light stays on and every minute it seems to repeat this cycle.

10 months ago

Please help! My kindle fell in the water. Now it is showing flickering green and orange lights, and not turning on. Any way to fix it?

9 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

It sounds like it may have already been damaged. The only thing I would suggest is to power it down, place it in a tray and cover in rice and leave it for a week. Hopefully the rice will absorb any excess water, fingers crossed!

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